This page is about Us
We hope to not make a fuss

What began as a lark
With us in the agility dark

Has grown to this here bit of fun
All built ‘round dawgs & humans on a together run

Happy pups head out on course up and over, around and through
And smil’n handlers follow those wagg’n tails as they race around too

We invite you and your pup out to an event by U2 Kan Du
For a fun weekend with your dawggy & agility friends too!


About Matt:

The first time Matt saw an agility event was at the persistent coaxing of Martha. His biggest concern at the time was that the event was 25 miles from home.

This year Matt has judged NADAC trials numerous weekends, from Alaska to Connecticut, from Minnesota to Arizona. He also has driven to many a trial, both as Judge and competitor, and none of them have been within 25 miles of home. His rescue dawg Kahlar, now over 13 years old and the profile on the U2 Kan Du logo, completed her NATCH in 2004.

About Martha:

In addition to providing home baked goodies at every trial, Martha is a seasoned NADAC competitor who has competed in multiple Championships. She and her dog Myka were Ambor's Elite team of the year in 2004. In 2005 she and Myka were the National Champion distance handling team at the Nadac Championships – the only team that on 13 runs over 5 days completed all the runs without any faults and successfully completed the distance challenge. In the style of Nadac Martha and Myka have achieved the NATCH title – that of “Agility Trial Champion” - 12 times over, a level of attainment only a hand full of teams have ever achieved. Their success has put them in the NADAC Hall of Fame. When not running dogs at trials you’ll see Martha volunteering to do something as she’d rather be doing than sitting.


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