What's special about a U2 Kan Du Agility Trial?

All 5 trials have a unique theme with fun activities, 2 rings of Friday night Fun Runs, and 12 sanctioned runs a weekend for you and your special dawg...

Some additional highlights of a U2 Kan Du trial:

- The “Oh Darn I Didn’t Q” drawing. For every non-qualifying run a handler may enter their name in the “Oh Darn I Didn’t Q” container. Then at the end of each day a name is drawn out – that lucky winner receives a coupon for ½ off a future dog entry at a future U2 Kan Du trial. The “Oh Darn” drawing turns a non-qualifying run into a chance for more runs, compliments of U2 Kan Du.

- Every Qualifying run receives a dawggy Toy!

- Not only placement ribbons but also new title rosettes, perfect day awards and champion-size NATCH ribbons.

- Once ya get to a U2 Kan Du trial there’s no reason to be hungry or have to leave for food. A wide variety of Food and Drinks are available at each trial. No stress on handlers having to leave to go out for food and thereby allowing them to spend more time with their dawgs.

- Dessert! The incredibly yummy calorie-free cakes baked by Matt, decorated by Martha, eaten by all!

Matt and Martha actively solicit feedback from participants at their trials to continuously improve future trial experiences. They attract people from all over the Midwest, with regulars coming from as far away as Colorado and Texas!

Come on out to a U2 Kan Du trial – you & your dawggy’s will have a dandy fun time!


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